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Congratulations on making the best fitness and health decision of your life! When it comes to exercising for health and happiness, it’s hard to beat cycling, because it helps you burn kilojoules even when you’re at rest.

To help you get the most from your cycling, we’ve partnered with professional cyclist and coach Renay Groustra and dietitian Dr Adrian Penzhorn to develop a 12-week cycling plan that will get you into the best shape ever. And thanks to smart planning, it works for everyone, from beginners to experienced cyclists.

Meet Your Coaches

We’ve consulted the best coach and dietician in the business to give you the perfect training and nutrition plan.


Your Coach: Renay Groustra

Renay Groustra is a former pro mountain biker-turned coach and skills expert. Groustra has represented South Africa on an international level numerous times, and won the Wines2Whales back-to-back in 2012/2013.


Your Dietician: Adrian Penzhorn

Adrian Penzhorn is the Director of Performance Nutrition at Food For Sport and founder of The Performance Kitchen. Penzhorn is a registered dietician and qualified sports scientist with a Medical Honours degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Cape Town.

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